Welcome! I hope that the information you find here will help you decide whether Open Path Psychology is a good fit for your needs. At this time due to COVID-19, I am currently offering telehealth only. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out by phone or email.


Open Path Psychology, LLC is owned and operated by Carrie McMullin, Psy.D.

How I work: Even when it feels like your life is not working and there is something you want to change, there is also some way in which your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors make some sense. Fundamentally, you are not broken. I start with the assumption that your unwanted experiences are part of some natural process or adaptation to a challenging situation. Holding this framework means I create a non-judging atmosphere for you to freely explore what has happened in your life, your identities, and where you would like your life to go in the future.

We will examine what gives your life a sense of meaning, and use this to make plans for practicing new behaviors and gaining new experiences. While I do give suggestions for experiments you can try in your life that might help you shift perspectives, generally my focus is on listening and understanding you. I see myself as a collaborator for your self-guided change and as such I do not tend to give advice, focusing instead on helping you better understand your values and motivations. I would be honored to help you in getting re-acquainted with your strengths and with creating your own sense of meaning.

I work with a broad range of clients. I value my work with people who have experienced oppression in some capacity, including women, trans* people, gay/lesbian/bi people, people of color, bi-cultural people, and those living with disabilities.

Education, Licensure, and Experience:  I am licensed as a psychologist in both Oregon (2963) and Washington (PY00003106). I completed my Doctor of Psychology degree at Nova Southeastern University (APA-accredited) in Florida in 2003. I have over 15 years of experience providing individual psychotherapy, group counseling, couple counseling, and crisis response with clients ranging in age from 18 to 60+ and from highly varied backgrounds, mainly in university counseling center settings as well as private practice. In addition, I have provided clinical supervision to many psychology trainees. I have helped clients with many kinds of concerns, including but not limited to depressive and anxiety disorders, traumatic and/or oppressive experiences, people with disordered eating or substance use concerns, people with relationship difficulties, and identity exploration. My work as a generalist means I have a broad knowledge base and am highly adaptable.



Note that services are being offered via telehealth at this time due to COVID. As Oregon moves through phased re-opening I plan to offer a hybrid of in-person and remote care.

Individual Psychotherapy for people age 18 and over:

Working with people one-on-one to understand their concerns and collaborate on change is my passion. While I am a generalist in my work and am interested in working with a wide variety of individuals, I also have some special areas of interest which include: working with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, women’s issues and gender diversity, sexual diversity, fertility and pregnancy loss, body image, healing from sexual trauma and other forms of power-based personal violence, social justice issues, changing patterns of substance use, and university student success and mental health.

Couple Counseling:

Our connections with others have a profound impact on our well-being; our primary relationships in particular tend to shake us deeply when they are strained. Sometimes the struggles we face in relationships are a very normal part of a healthy partnership, and sometimes there may be larger wounds. Either way, couples counseling can help by offering a trained, third party perspective on your patterns of conflict and/or disengagement, and by assisting you in trying new ways of relating to one another. Some couples even find that doing couples counseling can be a meaningful way to deepen the communication and connection even in the absence of significant conflict. I work with couples of any gender configuration and with poly-identified people.

Clinical Supervision:

I completed my Psy.D. in 2003 from an APA-accredited program. I have supervised a post-doctoral psychology resident, several pre-doctoral psychology interns and practicum students, and have experience doing so at an APA-accredited training site. I am open to supervising interns or residents, as well as providing consultation for early career therapists.


I am currently an in-network provider for Moda and Regence. For other insurance companies I can provide documentation to submit for out-of-network benefit coverage.

Below is a list of my fees; but let me know if you need to discuss possible adjustments based on need.

Service Time Fee
Initial phone consultation 15-20 minutes No charge
Initial Intake Session (individual or couple) 50-60 minutes $200
Regular session (individual or couple) 50 minutes $150
Clinical supervision 50-60 minutes $150


email: carrie@openpathpsychology.com

phone: +1 (971) 273-1224

fax: 208-321-4136

practice location: 1380 Hines Street SE, Salem, OR 97302 (Note that sessions are being conducted via telehealth during the COVID pandemic.)


parking: there are a few free, off-street parking spots